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- Car List -

Above you will find 3 car lists.

Because there is so much information about cars, I have come up with 3 ways of viewing and finding specific information on cars:

First I have set up a standard alphabetical list of cars.

Second I have created the Cars By Manufacturer list. This list give all cars companies, and from there, one can find the specific car they are looking for. Also, information on the various car companies is given.

Thirdly, one can search for a specific car by type. The types include: Compact, Coupe, Convertible/Spider, Sadan/Saloon, Truck, SUV and Crossover.

Also, I have put some thought into creating a Cars By Region list.

If you have any ideas of how to better organize this page or if you would like to lend your expertise in either webdesign of car knowedge, please e-mail me ([email protected]) or just leave me a comment here.

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